Dolce Passato

Variety of grape

Moscato Giallo 100%


13,5 % vol

Tasting card

  • Grapes: Yellow Muscat
  • Sweet White Wine obtained from 100% Yellow Muscat grape.
  • Late harvest, drying in the loft for 5 months (final yield of 18 liters of must per 100 kg of fresh grapes), maturation for 24 months in tonneaux.
  • Nose of candied citrus fruit, passion fruit, dehydrated apricot, fig, date, honey.
  • Palate full of freshness and perfectly responsive to the nose.
  • Serve at 12° ÷ 14°C.


Wine appellation: Bianco Dolce
Type of grape: Moscato Giallo 100%
Altitude: 250 m. above sea level
Production method and plant density: Guyot with 4400 vines per hectare
Vintage 2016: Regular climatic trend, average rainfall. A very positive year in terms of quantity and quality.
Harvest: Late harvest of yellow moscato grapes. Drying in boxes for 5 months. Pressed in March. Final yield of 18 liters from 100 kilograms of fresh grapes. Maturation for 24 months in tonneaux.
Tasting sensations:
-intense golden yellow color
-hints of orange peel, maracuja and mango
-notes of honey, velvety, whit good acidity and long persistence.
Pairing: Ideal with desserts or with cheeses as Gorgonzola. Excellent at the end of a meal.

Additional information

Wine appellation

Bianco dolce

Variety of grape

Moscato Giallo 100%

Production area

Collecorvino, Pescara, Abruzzo


from 250 m a.s.l.

Production method and planting density

Guyot with 4.400 vines/hectare


13,5 % vol

2016 vintage

The climatic trend recorded for the 2016 vintage was rather regular, with rainfall almost in line with the Abruzzo average. Overall the year was very positive.


Late harvest of Moscato Giallo grapes, drying in the drying room for 5 months, pressing in March with a final yield of 18 l of must per 100 kg of fresh grapes. Maturation for 24 months in tonneau.

Tasting sensations

Intense golden yellow color, powerful notes of honey, velvety and enveloping on the palate with vibrant fresh acidity, exotic fruit in the long-lasting aftertaste, ripe fruit with hints of maracuja, mango, orange peel